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i work for a web-hosting company called interland, doing dedicated product development. i've been there for three years and change. i started out doing tech support, did a year and a half as a system administrator, maintaining and supporting windows and linux web and mail servers as well as handling tech support escalations and being on-call for emergency situations. i recently moved into the product development team. in practice this means that i do some sysadmin/dba stuff, some programming (php, mysql, and perl) and a little bit of everything else. i also do some consulting on the side from time to time. most recently, i prototyped a google maps hack for a political data-mining firm that maps campaign contribution data by location, year, and party affiliation.

i've been at ucf for something like 100 years now, mostly because i've been working more and taking fewer classes. i'm finally planning on really for real, honest to goodness graduating in summer 2006 with a digital media: computing for media degree.

primarily, i'm a music junkie. i have a very healthy relationship with my ipod, and i've been known to dj and produce various styles of electronic music from time to time. i enjoy loud music, open bars, good friends, and gratuitous 'your mom' jokes. i spend too much time on livejournal and myspace. i like watching good movies, and i'm hooked on the oc and entourage. my more geeked-out interests include rss, bittorrent, and unix.